You’re probably wondering how you ended up here – I am asking myself the same thing as I edit this page for the millionth time. I have come to the conclusion that this may never be fully finished, but if I continue to fill it with thoughts from my mind, then I am headed in the right direction. Writing is my greatest passion, aside from my happy place pictured above, yet we have a love hate relationship. Procrastination wins many battles, but I assure you I will win the war. I am the former Editor in Chief for Odyssey SNHU, community advocate, crazy mom, adoring wife, love and human rights enthusiast with a knack for relating to people – even though I am terrible with socializing. Read on, reach out, and make this your happy place.


Feature of the Week

My most recent publication touches on the topic of fearing people of other races and where this could possibly come from. This topic is so important for me to bring awareness to, because we live in a very divided country. Talking about these things is the only way to takes steps toward taking action.



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